What Is A Yurt?

Mongolian Yurt (or ‘Ger’ as they are traditionally known) have been used for dwellings over millennia being a unique structure that feels both permanent and secure yet mobile with an airy feel. Originating in the region of inner Mongolia which was part of Genghis Khan’s homeland and part of a beautiful grassland region with fertile, flat, open land, lofty mountains and deep lakes with extremes of temperature and powerful winds where the yurt was designed to be easy to take down and move. This perfectly suited the Mongols nomadic lifestyle.The structure is round and made of wood and comprises of a central crown with beams spreading out to a lattice wall. The structure is then covered in various layers for insulation and weatherproofing.

There is something very special about stargazing through a yurt’s roof crown on a summers evening. Certainly a yurt will evoke the romantic nomad in all of us giving you a feeling of being closer and more in harmony with nature, with a wonderful living space, comfortable to just relax and get away from the pressures of everyday living.

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